Farfetch Blogger Breakfast – Duck and Waffle

1st Jun 16

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Breakfast With A Farfetch View

Hi guys!

First of all, thank you for all of the support on my last blog post! You guys came in your numbers to read it and I’m just so happy that you felt inspired by my story. Sometimes I get so much anxiety about sharing parts of my life on the internet because it opens the grounds for judgement but I’m glad that I did it!

Prior to writing the post yesterday, I went to breakfast with the Farfetch team at Duck and Waffle. It was my first time at Duck and Waffle but I don’t really feel like I had a proper ‘dinning’ experience since I was there with a bunch of other fellow bloggers and we opted for the group menu. The food was extremely tasty but I definitely have to go back to document my individual culinary experience.

It was really nice to have a sit down meal with other bloggers because I feel like press events and networking events can be a bit intimating and I usually become quite shy whilst attending them. I’m someone who is loud as hell but gets my words all muddled up when I’m nervous which some results in me saying the wrong things but the breakfast setting was so intimate that I felt right at home to express myself freely.

It was great to share tips and tricks with other bloggers as well as discuss future collaborations plans with Farfetch. Sitting down with the¬†Farfetch team is always my favourite thing to do because it’s such a reputable brand that I have so much respect for. It’s also nice to work with a brand that has assimilating aesthetics, values and ethos to my own which is something that I stress the importance of daily. I really love working with brands that are on the same wave as my own.



Farfetch invited me to attend a exclusive blogger event. All views are my own.