Winging It – The Recipe

22nd Jun 16


We eatin' good over hurrrr, B!

Hello everyone and welcome to my very first recipe post! When I initially started my youtube journey I wanted it to be littered with recipes of all my favourite dishes but I just couldn’t keep up. Now that I have a lot of time and not a lot of time simultaneously, I was able to create a pictorial for you with the help of my loyal assistant!

This post is going to be a 3-in-1 chicken wing recipe post.

The types of wings that I’ll be making are;

Fried Chicken wings

Sweet and spicy chicken wings

Hot and Savoury wings

The reason why the post is called winging it is because that’s literally what I do when I cook and I find it the best method (trust me, I used to be a head chef at Waitrose, I know!). There are no real measurements with my cooking, just a lot of hoping for the best and waiting for an edible outcome!

What you’ll need;

A glass of wine to drink because the turn up is always oh-so-real

Chicken wings (as much as you can eat. Remember, chicken is good for the soul and the booty)

Lemon juice or vinegar (to wash your chicken. Don’t trust the devil. Chicken should be washed)

Fresh chives

Chilli pepper (I’ve used fresh ones but I like the powder form as it makes the chicken ‘browner’ when it cooks but fresh looks better for ***Blogger aesthetics***

Olive oil

Jerk seasoning or All purpose seasoning


Maggi Cubes – Are you really an African if you don’t use Maggi cubes for everything? If you don’t use them then you my friend are an Afri-can’t not an Afri-can okaaaaaaaaayyyyyy **clicks fingers**

White pepper powder


For the Fried Chicken all of the above ingredients plus;

Fried Chicken Flour


Butter milk

For the sweet and spicy wings all of the above ingredients plus;

Soy Sauce

Maple Syrup

First step!

Take your chicken out of its packaging and put it into a bowl. Pour your lemon juice or your vinegar on it GENEROUSLY. Spread/massage it across the chicken and rinse with water. Do this as many times as you can be bothered to. If you’re really picky, you can singe the little hairs off the chicken with a lit match or a gas cooker. I don’t really eat the ends of the wings so I don’t care too much.

Cut up your chilli (if you decided on fresh ones) and chives

I like to grind all my ingredients together in a pestle and mortar to make a smooth paste. You can add a tea spoon of oil to do this but since I used fresh chillis that already had moisture in it I left out the oil

I add all my mushed seasoning onto the chicken

At this point I clocked that I didn’t put enough seasoning in the pestle and mortar and ain’t no body got time fo’ grinding stuff again so I added more seasoning on top of the fresh chicken. This just goes to show that you don’t really need a pestle and mortar to make the chicken wings in the first place. I added salt, chives and oil too.

Don’t ask how much, I winged it. Obviously

So, I mixed my seasoning into my chicken with a spoon instead of my hands. Why you ask? I didn’t pay £25 for my long ass acrylics for hoe not to be life. I don’t need seasoning ruining my shellac or my vibes.

I’m sure you get it?

Right, so here is where one chicken recipe’s journey ends. You can put the wings straight in the oven like this. They’ll still taste bomb. For serving these savoury and spicy wings I like to add some diced sweet potato into the same dish that I bake the chicken in and let them cook at the same time. I just add some oil and parsley to the potatoes and let them cook in the chickens natural spicy juices. Try it!

For the sweet and spicy wings I’m also going to put them in the oven with just this seasoning on it then take them out and marinate them in another sauce.

For now, lets focus on the fried chicken.

I’m a very lazy cook so when I find an alternative to making something fresh I never look back. I absolutely LOVE this fried chicken powder but as I’m a sucker for extra flavour, I always season my chicken first and then use this flour.

In one bowl I have the flour and in another I have a mix of buttermilk and egg.

I dip the pre-seasoned chicken into the flour

Then dip it into the egg and buttermilk mix

Then dip in to the flour again for an extra thick coating. Then fry it in hot oil straight away

It’s really important for your oil to not be too hot so it doesn’t burn the coating but hot enough so that it cooks right to the bone. If you’re really gadget savvy get a food probe thermometer. When you think the fried chicken is done put it on top of a wad of kitchen roll to drain the oil out.

That’s it! I like to eat these wings by themselves or with waffles and syrup. They’re great to eat just like this but if you’ve got a thing for savoury sweet things, drizzle some maple syrup right on top of these bad boys. You wont regret!

On to the hot and spicy wings!

There are just two ingredients for this savoury sweet sauce.

Soy sauce and maple syrup. I always use about 2 table spoons of soy but add more than enough syrup until I get a dark thick paste

Take your wings out of the oven when they’re halfway done and dunk them straight into the marinade.

I forgot to mention, I bake all of my wings on 180. Don’t ask 180 what because I don’t know. The oven just says 180!!

I like to add more chill and chives and put them straight into the oven. If you want them to have that extra crispy skin, drizzle more maple syrup directly over the marinate chicken before you put them back in the oven. Thank me later!

And there you have it! I like to eat my sweet and spicy wings with a mixed pepper salad and ranch dressing.


What do you think of this post? Let me know below!