WINGING IT – Garlic Butter Prawn Carbonara

22nd Jul 16


Easy Peasy!

Hey guys! Welcome to another segment of Winging It. As you know from the first recipe, I don’t really measure anything mostly because I can’t be bothered to, so hence the name ‘winging it’. This post will teach you how to make the yummiest and easiest dish known to man – Garlic Butter Prawn Carbonara.

Only a fool can ruin this dish and if you are a fool then sorry for yourself. This dish will take as long as the pasta of your choice takes to cook. Simple. This is the perfect dish for you uni students and lazy people alike. What you’ll need;

Pasta (Spaghetti/Linguine is best for this dish)

Olive Oil


Salted Butter (if using unsalted, you’ll need some salt for this dish)


Crème Fraîche

Parmesan Cheese

First thing’s first; I like to break my spaghetti in half so it fits perfectly into the pot. I then add boiled kettle water to the pot as it cooks the spaghetti quicker. I also add olive oil to prevent the spaghetti from sticking together.

In another pan, I cut out a slab of butter, throw it in and wait for it to melt. Probably not the healthiest thing to do but what’s the point in eating if your meal is going to be dry? Am I a rabbit? If I get sick (God forbid) at least I can remember how lit my meal was and be content (yaaaaaaaaaaaaas).

I peel, wash and cut the garlic. I like lots of garlic so I use one large clove.

I throw the WASHED prawns in (Wash your meat. Don’t let the devil use you) to the melted butter.

Add the chopped garlic.

Add parsley.

Add two generous heaps of crème fraîche.

Mix it all up.

Add LOADS of parmesan and stir until there are no lumps or bumps.

I drain the cooked spaghetti and add it into the sauce.

Fold the sauce into the spaghetti and that’s it! Quick, easy and filling. Be sure to hashtag #WingingItWithMel when you upload any dishes you’ve made!