View From The Moma Restaurant

I had the best time ever in Barcelona. This is my second time visiting this beautiful city but I feel like I received a different experience this time around. This time around, I took things in my stride and explored the city in a way that wasn’t so time sensitive. I ate every dish of patatas Bravas on seafood-meat paella that was on offer because I fast realised that they are my favourite Spanish dishes ever, I took a long strolls down the Ramblas (which is so joyous and lively even the Starbucks has impeccable interiors!) and walked around some of the breathtaking parks.

I love that Barcelona is only a coy two hours travel from London which makes it the perfect city break destination as well as the fact that there are so many great flight and hotel options that won’t break the bank. I stayed in the Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos and used the Metro rather than taxis to get around the city.

Whole outfit – Zara

Parc De La Ciutadella

Sugar and Lime Cocktail at Moma

I would definitely suggest staying in a more central location and travelling down to the beach as and when because there’s not much happening around the beach area other than the beach. I used the metro to travel around (which is even easier to navigate than the London underground) because it was just more cost efficient. For about 9 Euros, you’re able to get a travel card that gives you 10 rides which is more than enough for one person. The metro stations are all around the city and are dotted around the most coveted spots which makes it easy to access the most coveted attractions.

We ate the most tantalising seafood and meat Paella at via70 on the Ramblas strip. Be sure to try their champagne sangria because THEY-ARE-LIFE CHANGING! We also went down to the beach and had the best garlic prawns and patatas bravas at Moma which not only was a beautiful boutique style restaurant but also had the most incredible view of the sea.

If you ever visit any of these places when you go to Barcelona leave a comment below!

Food at Moma

Champagne Sangria at Via70 – Ramblas

Seafood and Meat Paella at Via70 – Ramblas

  • Barcelona is definitely one of my favourite cities in the world. Living there was an absolute dream! I’m definitely going to have to try Moma next time I go to Barcelona. Did you know that one stamp on your metro ticket is valid for 90 minutes (it may be 60, I don’t remember) so if you exit the metro and re-enter you only use 1 journey!

    I’d highly recommend visiting El Nacional restaurant (book in for the meat restaurant – it’ll be the best steak you’ve ever eaten).

    Martha x | Martha Dahhling

  • Bookmarking this post because I’m dying to go to Barcelona one day! It looks like it could be my favorite place.

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