#AD| Selfridges Summer Sale

8th Jul 20

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My selections from the selfridges summer sale

Every year I look forward to the Selfridges sale because it’s a well known fact that I like to be bougie on a budget!! There’s nothing better than getting that runway piece for about 50% off the RRP price and rocking it with sheer glee. The buyers do such an amazing job of curating the best pieces from the best collections made by world class designers so there is always such a great collection to choose from. I’ve listed a few of my favourite pieces from my favourite brands such as solace London, Y/Project and Dior, that are currently in the sale for a fraction of the price. Happy shopping!

1.Dior – WAS £385 NOW £192

2.Dior – WAS £405 NOW £202

3. Chloe -WAS £295 NOW £149

4.Prada – WAS £282 NOW £224

5.Dior – WAS £405 NOW £325

1.Solace London Dress – WAS £410 NOW £210

2.Solace London Top – WAS £290 NOW £175

3.Solace London Jumpsuit – WAS £420 NOW £250

1.Charlotte Knowles corset – WAS £380 NOW £250

2.Charlotte Knowles top – WAS £325 NOW £200

3.Maisie Willen Leggings – WAS £300 NOW £150

4.Maisie Willen Top – WAS £350 NOW £200

5.Y/Project Shirt – WAS £510 NOW £270

This is an advertisement in partnership with Selfridges. All views and selections have been made on my on accord.