Dress – ZARA

Coat- ZARA

Boots – Christian Louboutin

Hat – ZARA

I put a preview of this post on my snapchat and a friend told me that my ‘Zorro outfit looks nice’. First off, Zorro was not this stylish and secondly I froze my ass off trying to get these shots so I could do without the unsolicited shade! Talking of Snapchat, mine is a private one for friends and family but I constantly have Melissa’s Wardrobe supporters asking me for my handle.

I just wanted to share that the only reason why I’m keeping my snapchat private is because I just want one social media platform where I can be myself in it’s entirety. Before I continue, I’m not implying that I am not myself on my other social media channels – I totally am it’s just that sometimes, when you decide to turn your hobby into a career everything changes. You need to remember and continue to do all the great things that you did when it was just a hobby but it does need to be filtered down a bit and more polished so it can develop into a brand. There a lot of things I may not say just because I need to be a bit more careful with what is said on my public domains.

Also, I like to show my family, friends and my little baby niece (she is so adorable)  on my Snapchat and although they support me wholeheartedly, they don’t want to be spread across my social platforms in front of my double digit amount of followers who are watching my every move. I like to respect their privacy because they respect my brand and what it is that I do. Not only that, as I’m getting older, I’ve come to realise how much I love keeping some things private. I’ve come to realise that not everything needs to be shared on social media and even when something has not been documented for social media does not make whatever it is in question loose any sort of value.

I sometimes find that people put things on social media to get the approval of others which gives them that extra bit of reassurance for their self esteem but I’m so content with who I am so I don’t feel the need to.

I hope you guys get where I’m going with this?

  • I totally agree with you! It is very difficult to separate business from personal and I for sure am constantly intertwining them. Loving the outfit btw

    Agnes x


    • melswardrobe

      I know right! I’m trying to be very careful about it as I don’t want to involve everyone in my life then when big things happen for me, keep them a secret when everyone is already invested in me! Thanks so much agnes xx