Where you at?

7th Aug 15


Humidty and air clouted with the sweat of fast paced Londers makes me long for the cold, reliable winter,

There is nothing worse than the humid air that angrily slaps you in the face from the London underground on a hot summers day. I absolutely HATE summer in this particular city – let me explain why before you disregard any other opinion I speak of hereafter and deem it invalid.
The weather in London is known for it’s reliable, (ironically) unreliable forecast that can immediately drop or rise in temperature without warning. I feel as though I personally can never comfortably flaunt in any outfit that is truly attributed to everything that is denoted with the concept of summer mostly due to the (almost) fact that by 7pm there is an extremely high chance that it will be freezing cold with a chance of goosebumps. You nearly always have to add some sort of cover up which consequently ruins which ever swag you had imaged prior to being a responsible adult. You nearly ALWAYS need to carry an umbrella because there will ALWAYS be a chance that it will rain – even only if it’s for 5 seconds, it will rain. The later point raised is the ramification and reasoning behind why you cannot carry that cute clutch to the barbecue you intended to look so oh fly for. In the winter however, you know it’s always going to be cold, you can rely on that fact heavily and all of your mohair drenched coats alike will support you in your rally against freezing to death.

In the winter, you can live vicariously and literally through your thigh high booted dreams and have everyone wish that they had all the swag tokens that come with your winter embossed ensemble.

Winter is why I love fashion and subsequently why I began to accept and love London for what it showed me to be. So I hope that with all the true (modest?) and justified points, you will understand why I hate the summer and cannot wait for the resurrection of the coldest winter days.

Jacket – Topshop

(Crinkled) Top – ZARA

Skirt – ZARA or HERE

Boots – Christian Louboutin