Tripple it Up

23rd Nov 15


What you do now will haunt you in the future.

Being alive is different from living and as I get older it’s something that I am able to differentiate instantly. It is also something that holds a different notion depending on what you apply it to. I’ve come to realise that financially, I’ve been ‘living’ so friviously for such a long time that it’s become the worst learned habit of all.


Now that I’m getting older and wiser and am starting to realise that the handbags and shoes that I lust for only hold a superior value in my own eyes and are not real assests. Really I should be working towards creating the pathway to attain real assests from quite early on. I’ve always had such a blasé mentally about saving and investing because I always used to say to myself ‘I’ve still got time’ or ‘I’ll do it when I’m older’ but bruh… I’M GETTING OLD. With my 25th birthday approaching as fast as a meteor, I have deterred myself away from my initial gift of a Chanel bag to something abit more longlasting.


I have decided that I want 2016 to be a year of multiple sucessess, wisdom and ultimately I want it to be a year orientated around setting the necessary stones in place to ensure that my family wants for nothing. So I have decided to be wise and invest my Chanel bag money into something that will multiply itself. I’m no longer keeping up with the Joneses, I want to ultimately be the Joneses.


Catch my drift?

Coat – Zara

Top & Trousers – Berry Haute

Shoes – Zara

Earrings- Zara

Bracelet – Celine

  • Rose Lazard

    that’s always been my issue i just cannot save money.So frivolous,i tell myself i may die tomorrow why not(bad mantra)

    • melswardrobe

      It’s so hard isn’t it! But it’s important! I always tell myself stuff like that but then tomorrow comes and you’re still alive LOL x