Hey everyone! How are you all? How do you like the new website? I took a very much needed hiatus from blogging. Sometimes I really feel quite overwhelmed because I find it extremely hard to come up with original content for your guys. I’m not going to lie, I find it nothing less than exhausting trying to be creative, trying to functionally reevaluate my content, make it better, create more content, push the content on all social media platforms without getting BURNT OUT. It’s even hard when you’re on deadlines from every single angle.

I also took a bit of time out to explore the world of youtube. I was regularly asked about videos from readers and I personally believe in giving you guys what you want because if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have the opportunities that I am approached with daily. One thing I will admit is that I underestimated how HARD Youtube is. My youtube experience has given me a new found respect for youtubers. It breaks my heart to see and recieve mean comments on youtube because I know the hard work and dedication it takes to create, edit and sometimes even upload videos up onto youtube!

During my time out I realised that being creative is not something that can be done on call and yes, your creative juices can definitely run dry. I realised that it’s okay if you take a break to actually eat your food than to violently photograph it from every angle to make it look more aesthetically pleasing for instagram and social media platform alike.

Its okay to go somewhere and actually ENJOY the experience for once rather than taking photo’s through square camera frames on to upload it to instagram and make out to everyone that you were having the time of you life when you actually weren’t. Enjoying life for what it can be counted as one of the small but very necessary and effective things that help reignite that drive, reinstate that passion and inspire you to create good quality work.

I find that it’s very obvious when people just do things because they feel as if have to and not because they believe what they’re doing. I don’t ever want to be in the position where I upload a bunch of shit to keep up with the blogger Joneses.


I have been recently thinking of ways to reinvent my personal style. I’ve become really bored and somewhat confused with my style. I hardly like ANYTHING that I see in the shops and very much dislike the clothes I have in my wardrobe. This is a huge problem for me as I usually edit the high street pieces and water them down to resemble my personal style but I hate everything! In my mind, it’s practically winter and all the outfit concepts that I conjure together are either black, leather or sisterly related to the two.

I’ve always had a very healthy obessions with Carine Roitfeld and Cristine Centenera’s personal style (googling them will be the best thing you ever did). I think that they are hands down the most effortlessley edgy women I have every laid eyes on. Recently, I have been trying to find ways to emulate their Parisian chic styles as well as trying to make my wardrobe coexist with everything that I’ve been vicariously reblogging on tumblr but everything in the shops is either fringed or tan, or a hybrid by product of the two which is not what I’m going for.

This is another thing that made it much harder for me to resurrect from my blogging come down. As a blogger, it’s best practice to acknowledge trends even though you don’t entirely reside with them. I say this because, it’s another way to keep you blog and content relevant and updated (nice tip for the up and coming!).

This outfit is an exact example of acknowledging a trend that you may not like, go right!

Photographs by Kelvin – designofka.com

Shirt – ASDA

Trousers – ZARA luxe alternative ELLERY

Choker – ASOS

Shoes – ZARA

I really am at the back of the colosseum in regards to outward celebration of the 70’s trend. It reminds me way too much of summer – which I hate because I can’t wear my cool clothes (when will this musky weather be over?). It’s not one (a trend) to invest in because this particular trend on ever comes back around every 10 years, and quite frankly every girl violent sucking in the chemical components of those drug filled balloons is wearing the same damn things that the trend resonates with!

I do NOT want to look like a festival goer when I’m popping for drink with friend.  I am one that strongly believes that your appearance/outfit introduces you before you talk. People will judge you on that before you speak. It DOES create the carcass of the first impression that people construct of you (something to remember when getting dressed). So the majority of the time, I try to dress towards the woman that I want to be and she is not someone who wears corduroy  or felted dungaree dresses (don’t quote me if I ever do). It’s just-not-me. I did however convince myself ever so slightly with these kick flare Zara trousers.

These babys are DRAMATIC and nothing short of it. So please be prepared for unsolicited looks and comments when you strut down the street in them. If you want to participate in the 70’s trend this is the best way. A classic cut and colour and hey, if you get bored of the full circle flare, have your tailor alter them so THAT they’re a little bit more narrow and you can continue to wear them during any season/trend!

It’s all about creating and effective and versatile wardrobe edit.

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  • You look amazing, the flare pants are flawless and I am in love with that chocker!

    Agnes x


    • melswardrobe

      Thanks so much! xx

  • Androgynous Chic!!! That is the first thing that came to my head when I saw this post.

    I enjoyed reading this post and I totally agree with your reasons for taking a break. Sometimes, it is good to take a step back and re-evaluate. Thanks for sharing that advice for new bloggers as I am one. I have been searching for black flare pants for the longest time, two weeks ago I walked into Zara and saw this one and I was like YES!! LOL, I tried them on and they did not fit but I noticed the extra flaredness and I said “This is for the BOLD at heart”. You look so great in these and you paired it perfectly. That choker is a YES! I love that it is wider than the usual ones and I have also been searching for this exact type. However, the choker link takes you to RiverIsland not Asos, I am sure it is an oversight. Again you look amazing.


    • melswardrobe

      Thanks so much for seeing things from my perspective! It’s hard in this blogging game but it’s more important to regroup and sustain myelf as a person than anything else! Yeah, these trousers are definitely head turners! The Choker is actually river island but it was bought at ASOS. Here’s another link for it http://bit.ly/1DJT8xQ I will update all the others xx

      • Awww great, thanks for providing the link. Plus it is velvet which is exactly what I wanted. This has made my day.
        I sent an email to you (info@melissaswardrobe.com), my mail is nwakaugonna@yahoo.com. Please check it out when you get the chance, thank you.x