New Moon

14th Nov 18


Where I'm At Right Now

I can’t actually believe I’m blogging again! It feels almost surreal that I’m coming back to this platform that essentially made me who I am today. Not only have I been submerged in so many great opportunities in the realms of fashion styling, interiors, Instagram and what have you, but I have also had no real urge to blog at all. I almost feel awful in saying that because if not for my blog, I wouldn’t have half of the attributes I have today. I guess I’ve just been living on some fast-paced journey for a little too long now (whilst somewhat ignoring the very things that I used to create my foundation) and I’m finally slowing down and settling into a state of reflection.

Upon reflecting I’ve been having so many sentimental gushes and feelings of nostalgia and a lot of them revolve around my blog so I’ve had a serious urge to return. My journey has been such an incredible one now and it’s a blessing that I have this platform to remind me of all my trials and triumphs and the strain it took to get here. I’ve been blogging for 8 years! EIGHT?!?! (DO I get to count this year even though I’ve treated my blog like a side man?) and I feel like my journey is only beginning. Remember, they say it takes 10 years to become an overnight success…

Anyway, I feel extremely blessed and proud of all that I’ve achieved. This year has really allowed me to acknowledge and feel extremely gratified in my diligence, integrity, and drive in regards to my character and career but I’ve also realised that although I’ve been so militant in regards to the efforts I put into achieving my dreams, I haven’t had the same vigour in regards to working on my spirt.

It’s somewhat strange but, I’m starting to really feel a serious shift in my alignment and as much as I feel like I know my character, I now feel like it’s time to embark on a journey of enlightenment to gain a better understanding of my spirit and soul. I’m currently working with a life coach/therapist in order to understand myself better and to lead a better life. I feel with a lot of us, we just deal with the wrath of life and move on instantly so essentially life is happening to us and we’re just trying our best to navigate through it. Not enough time is taken out to unpack and reflect and that’s how trauma rears its ugly head. Not enough of us have the skills that we need to curate a beautiful, happy and satisfying life for ourselves and as much as I love my life, I feel like I can actively work on making it better for the betterment of my inner peace.

It’s actually quite hilarious that this is now one of my main aims in life because I thought that as soon as I’d have a few shoes and bags I’d feel fulfilled but that’s so far from the truth! With my ‘life coach’ we’re starting this journey of enlightenment whilst working on trying to understand my core. We’re assessing my triggers to help lessen my anxiousness, my ego to help me reduce the levels of my pride and my energy to become a place of solace not only for others but for myself. Now more than ever I value peace as if it’s the highest global currency. Peace and happiness are two things that have become seriously invaluable to me and I’m on a journey to enamour myself with them in their entirety! This post is a bit of a ramble but I thought it was important to speak about where I am mentally now so we can ease into this blogging thing. I’ve missed blogging a lot and I’m so glad to say that I’m back!

Blazer – House Of CB

Trousers – Zara (Old) Alternative here

Shoes – Balenciaga

Earrings – Alessandra Rich

  • Bose Fayodeka

    Love this! I can totally relate, sometimes life hits up on you fast!
    But you have been doing great Melissa especially on your other ventures. I can’t wait to see more from your blog! xx

  • TunnelTy