Grey Day

18th Apr 16


Not As Grey As It Seems

Hey guys! So sorry for my absence. I’ve been working like crazy to get all of my many ideas off of the ground. During this last week, I’ve learnt so much about trying to micromanage my life. I have literally tried to plan my whole life down to the t and nearly every time it’s been messed up by some unforeseen variable/circumstance.

A first it made me very angry that I spent so much time considering all the things that could go wrong and yet, something that I couldn’t even fathom prior came and crashed my well-thought-out plan to smithereens. Then, as it happened more and more I started to see these things as blessings and lessons and used them as a guide for what not to do for next time.

I recently finished an interior project and I’m waiting to launch my interior design company and website fully. It’s been such a challenge trying to launch it fully because I’ve been blessed with positive interruptions such as interior contracts and other work in between so even though it’s holding me back from sorting that side of the business out (website and business cards and boring admin things alike), at least I’m building up clientele and industry know how. Right now I’m going to get back to it and lace up all the loose ends that have been waiting for me on the sidelines whilst I’ve been running around London.

Follow my interior instagram account @newlifestyleexperience if interior design interests you and as soon as the website is ready, I’ll alert you guys here and on instagram.

Hope you all have a positive week!

Top – Weekday

Trousers – Zara

Shoes – Gucci

Bag – Gucci

Bangle – ASOS

Earrings – Zara

  • Simple and cute, I love it!

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  • Martinique Bartley

    Hey Melissa this post is soo refreshing- absolutely loving the warm/subtle tones. I’m also very impressed by your interior design side of things, as I know this is a key interest of yours!
    Best wishes
    Martinique x