‘Mel, are those back in?’. Yes, Auntie. Yes they are! As much as I did express my distaste for the trend, I must admit that I’ve been loving it (as well as the responses from you guys). This post and the last one are quite dressy interpretations of thisnd so the nex post I upload will show you how to do flares in a more casual lets-go-for-brunch way.

I’ve been obsessing over the brand ELLERY and I’ve also been tirelessly uploading an unforgivable amount of Ellery produced and inspired content on tumblr. I started to notice that Zara had adapted (for lack of politer words) a lot of their fall collection from ELLERY’s fabulous pieces. Not a bad thing as as much as I have ELLERY dreams unfortunately I don’t have the bank account to turn them into fruition.

Until then, I will be vicariously living through all the affordable designs that Zara brazenly steal off of the catwalk. The juxtaposition of this tan bag against the double dose of black garments solidifies the 70’s look that I was heading for. Not to forget the velvet choker which I would wear with every outfit if it wasn’t for the fact that I feel like I’m wearing a turtle neck in the Sahara when sporting this on the undergound.

I’m happy that the sleeveless blazer came with a belt feature because we all know that I love the emphasis of a small waist. I especially love it for this outfit because when wearing the same colour from head to toe, it’s great to adjust and adhere to subtle differentiating components that turn the outfit from something that everyone can wear to something that has your personal style written all over it.

As much as I know everyone is wearing chokers, this velvet chocker and subtle introduction of dainty jewellery turned this outfit from ‘stylish’ to the ‘girl with great personal style’.

Belted Sleeveless Blazer – ZARA or HERE

Trousers – ZARA or HERE

Bag – ZARA

Shoes – ZARA

Choker – ASOS

Bangle – ASOS

Ring – ASOS

  • L. Angelot

    The choker was indeed a good touch. Simple and punctuating. I look forward to the othe bell bottom looks.

    • melswardrobe

      I think I’m a little too in love with it. In my eyes, it goes with everything!! xx

  • This look is perfect, nothing more that I can say!

    Agnes x


    • melswardrobe

      Thanks, girl xx

  • Mel! This outfit though, YASSS!! And that choker, fire!!!

    • melswardrobe

      Thank you my love xx