A Doer Not A Talker

11th Feb 16


Talk Is Cheap

I’ve been doing a lot of doing lately and nearly all of it has been driven by fear.
I’m someone who enjoys visualising/day dreaming about the future and I keep on being haunted with the thought of one day attending a wedding of one of my old friends where everyone is discussing how great their life is meanwhile I’ve done nothing but shop and take pictures of croissants for instagram.
So now, I’m doing rather than dreaming and I’m going to keep on doing until it’s done. I can’t lie I’m scared. I don’t have a mentor for some of the things that I’m doing and I feel like I’m about to make hella mistakes but it feels good to be pro-active and more importantly, productive. It feels good to finally be setting foundations and not making excuses about it. It feels good to have ideas come to fruition and fabricate to the point where achieving my dream feels as genuine as touching a physical object.
So far it’s all good in the hood but stay tuned for a rant-y break down to follow haha!

Dress – ASOS

Boots – Christian Louboutin

  • I’m glad you see the good aspects in being a do-er and being pro-active.. I just hope that your motivation eventually will mainly be derived from positive things! 🙂

    Looking gorgeous in that dress and boots! 🙂

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    • melswardrobe

      Amen! I hope so to! xx

  • In love with that dress!

    Agnes x


    • melswardrobe

      Thanks love! xx

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    • melswardrobe

      Aww Thank you so much! Such a lovely compliment xx

  • zeinabou

    love this, I think it’s important to take the plunge and i too am learning to ignore the nay sayers even the ones in my head! love this look!

    • melswardrobe

      It’s so important!! You can only fail if you quit or don’t try in the first place! Thank you xxxx

  • melswardrobe

    Thank you so much! For the encouragement too! xxx

  • A tall drink <3. Keep on doing hun. We've got your back!

    • melswardrobe

      Thank you so much lovely xx

  • love ..

    • melswardrobe

      Thank you x

  • cool girl

    • melswardrobe

      Thank you very much x

  • You go girl! And that line about shopping and taking pictures of croissants just cracked me up. As a blogger too I see where you’re coming from and how crappy that fear feels. But you’re dedicated and I’m sure you’ll achieve these dreams!!
    Much love xx


    • melswardrobe

      Loooool I’m glad you found it humorous! I hope it all goes as planned. Thank you for such lovely comments xx

  • Afro Genik

    That dress !!!

    Whatever you do believe in yourself and forget the rest….

  • Here for this look, these photos, everything!