Cry It Out To Let It Out

7th Oct 16


Wipe Your Tears!

I cried yesterday. Scratch that, I made the decision to cry. I’m usually someone who cries about anything and everything (one time, I cried because I missed the bus. Nothing else was going on with me I just needed that bus) but I’ve become a lot stronger of late.

I think I allowed myself to cry as a bit of a reward. This whole self employed life looks hella glamourous. You see these Youtubers and Influencers sharing their ‘career story’ and it makes onlookers think it’s a piece of cake. What they forget to tell you though is that sometimes, your cake may become mouldy and infested with uninvited insects. I sometimes think it’s a bit unfair to portray that life is rosy when it’s not. You guys are on this journey with me so you need to see the downs as well as the ups. Life isn’t fun all of the time life is very real.

 I cried because it’s hasn’t been easy but it’s been worth it and I’ve just crossed yet another hurdle that I thought I couldn’t.

So sometimes, you need to cry it out to let it out. Then dry your tears and move the hell on to the next!

Shirt – French Connection

Skirt – Zara (Old)

Boots – Christian Louboutin (Old)

Bag – Mango

Bracelet – Celine

  • Nelo Obi

    Girl you are gorgeous, your insta stories give me so much life, its so cool to see the personality behind all that style, you are so loud, so real, so much fun, so much the girl I wish I could be, I dont usually fan but girl, I am your fan. lol.

  • MlleHarmonie

    Looking like a Million bucks. I love your realness, crying while looking fabulous darling.

  • Anaïs

    I have a crush on this outfit, so feminine and classy. Our society can be quite paternalistic making anything related to emotions a synonym of weakness which is not, it is actually a sign of emotional health and releasing pressure accumulated through crying is totally okay. Glad you didn’t fall in the trap of believing otherwise.