Cosy But Not Comfortable

11th Oct 16


The feeling of discomfort is... shitty (for lack of better words).

The other day I woke up and my whole tooth was gone. I know this is the most random thing ever to discuss but it was one of the most traumatic things I’ve experienced. Imagine something you’ve lived with for such a large majority of your life completely vanishing? Leaving you with a gappy smile?

Turns out my teeth are decaying as a result of snacking in between meals?! What kind of rubbish is that? I’m honestly bewildered. This is not usually something that I discuss on the blog but it’s the only thing that’s causing a ruckus as well as discomfort in my life right now (hence the title of this post. This outfit is the most comfortable thing in the WORLD though!).

As I type this, my dentist appointment is looming and I’m honestly ‘shitting bricks’. Wish me luck!

Dress – ASOS

Cardigan – New Look

Boots – Christian Louboutin

Bag – Mango