Hey all! I’m SO sorry that I haven’t posted on here for ages. If I’m honest, I’ve been extremely uninspired recently and I find myself spending a lot of time thinking. Thinking about myself and what I want to achieve have been my main thoughts but I’ve just been thinking about life in general. I recently went to America as many of you know from instagram with the main aim being my to attend my Aunties 50th birthday in Texas. I believe the saying that ‘Travel is the only thing that you spend money on that makes you richer’ is a true one. I feel like this trip, unexpectedly did a lot for my character and produced a lot of self awareness for me. It definitely highlighted my short patience (something I need to work on) as well as my over expressive facial expressions when I have bad thoughts about something LOL!

On our way back we unfortunately received some tragic news that really left me in a place of contemplation. My contemplative thoughts were orientated around happiness and how we as humans are able to control our minds. Firstly, I concluded that happiness is definitely something that we humans take for granted and sometimes downplay. Sometimes, we don’t even realise that we are unhappy as we are so used to prentending to be alright as well as replying that we’re okay to those who emptily ask us even when we’re not. Sometimes, we are even guilty of asking others how they are without even caring for their real response. Essencially we don’t care because, we don’t want to help deal with someone else’s burden. We as humans can become extremely self entilted and nearly always don’t want to deal with someone elses unsolicited stress because we belive our problems are somewhat more important. Not only that, we as humans are so afraid of telling others that things are not okay with us because we don’t want to burden our recipients or let them in on the things that we are suffering with. I think we are also obsessed with making our lives seemingly look like we have our shit together when really we are crumbling inside and are desperate for help.

I also pondered on the notion that happiness is the only thing that we can create solely by our minds that we sometimes allow others to have direct control over.  I have definitely allowed others have the privilege of taking my happiness away from me when they didn’t deserve it and if I’m honest, I think my main fault was that I willing gave it to them. Most of the time, I gave others my happiness even when it was not requested of me. I realised that a lot of us are too selfless with the precious things we give away to others yet don’t spend enough time restoring ourselves back to where we need to be. I’m definitely not a stranger to doing it. When I was sick, I really evaluated my life and realised that a lot of places that I though I was content and happy in I was not. I placed my value and happiness in all the wrong things and wasn’t receiving any form of gratification from them. I came to realise that happiness is the only fuel that really keeps you going. It’s the only thing that makes you feel alive. I want anyone that is sad or is suffering at the moment to know that you are in control of your own happiness.

It’s something that you have to create within yourself and when you understand this, you’ll understand what true happiness and contentment is. If you place you happiness in an object or person, when that person or object is no longer there for whatever reason or disappoints you in some way your happiness will follow the sadness that comes with that same dissapointment. Revolving your happiness around and object/person is what makes you so dependant on that object/person. So for example, if you revolve your life and happiness around your partner, any move or decision they make will determine the emotion that you feel. Your feelings then become the result of their actions and if you allow that to happen, you will be the last to have control over your emotions and even your life. The easiest way to become happy is by firstly knowing that you’re worthy of happiness. You need to know that there is no wordly reason that is justification enough to hinder your happiness. You deserve it. The more you believe yourself when you tell yourself that you deserve to be happy, the easier it will become when you decide to choose to be happy.  You will see a difference in you mannerisms as well as the decisions you make and your outlook on life. You will become a more grateful and wholesome person I promise you, it’s the best thing you can do for yourself.


I really am trying to use my platform for more than I originally intended. I want you guys to not only come on here to be inspired but I want you to learn something or add some value to yourself every time you visit melissaswardrobe.com. I need everyone to realise that life really is what we make it and your can control your mind to achieve and believe all the things you want to especially happiness. The mind is the most powerful and valuable tool and if you allow yourself to believe you’ll be amazed by what you can accomplish.

Coat – &OtherStories 

Turtle Neck – Zara

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Shoes – Christian Louboutin

Bracelet – Celine

  • Insightful post and beautiful outfit

    Agnes x


    • melswardrobe

      Thanks so much Agnes xxx

  • Such a powerful post! I totally agree, sometimes I place my happiness in waiting for something new eg.a new job instead of waking up in the morning and just being happy about the fact I’m alive. Defo inspired.. Lovely outfit too! 😉


    • melswardrobe

      You just highlighted a perfect analogy! I’ve done that too and that’s officially when I gave up my dream of fashion buying because I got rejected. 🙁 It’s always best to place your happiness in the most valuable of things as you stated. Being a live is a blessing in itself! xx

  • Gifi Amo

    I have fallen in love with your blog. The posts are always enthused with a dash of wisdom and a sprinkle of inspiration. Your style is impeccable and although its not what I gravitate to on most days,I know where to come for some tips and ideas when i’m going somewhere special. God bless you.

    • melswardrobe

      Aww Gifi thank you so much for your kind words! God bless you too xx