A Long Time

30th Nov 17


What Have I Been Up To?

My life has become a big blur of work. Fashion styling has erupted in the last couple of months with my clients having massive projects and campaigns going on. I must say I never thought that styling would bless me with the things that it has – I’ve made new friends, family even! I’ve learned a lot about my limits and I’ve developed so many new skills. One thing I didn’t know when deciding on embarking on this Melissa-takes-the-world journey is how poor of a work-life balance I would have. I AM ALWAYS WORKING. It never stops. I’ve missed out on so many big things that have happened in the lives of loved ones because amazing opportunities have come up for me and as much as I feel bad, I always remind myself that you can have it all but not all of the time.

To have something you really want you may have to sacrifice something that you really need to get it. In my case, my want is a great career and my need is sleep, proper food and time off. I kept on telling myself that I need to push through to the finishing line but last week, my body decided enough is enough and I have a bit of a burnout.

Burning out does have good parts about it and in this time, I’ve been able to catch up with friends, shoot blog content, watch really bad shows on Netflix (She’s got to have it was so awful) and zen out properly. It’s also been a great time to realign my focus and figure out how I can take over the world and not collapse from being overworked in the process! So, here’s to more blog posts to follow!

Blazer – Zara

Boots – Christian Louboutin 

Bag – Gucci

Earrings – H&M



  • Yara Mel Rozaay

    Missed your posts! Excited to see the ones coming. And I’m glad styling is doing you good 🙂


  • Ms M.

    Did not like “She’s gotta have it” as well. I saw the movie- hated it. Tried to be too artsy. And the show- same. Supposedly I’m supposed to like the show. Only thing I liked was her studio- haha.

  • Susan Akyeampong

    Ah glad you’re back :’)
    Susan Etc