I’ve been 5’11 since I was about 14 years old (I think). My height has always been something that I hated because I felt like it made me stick out like a sore thumb. At that age, I didn’t feel the prettiest or the most naturally beautiful so adding something as unique as my long frame into the mix only added insult to injury.

I would go as far as not wearing shoes that had any kind of platform because I didn’t want to enhance something that I already hated. When I grew older and began to become a little bit more confident, but none the less people would tell me that my height already ‘scared’ or ‘intimidated’ men so I should be wise about my choice of shoe (funny how everything relates back to how men feel aye?) .

In a way, that hurt me because it took such a long time for me to embrace something that I disliked about myself only for people to tear me down about it. I’ve noticed that with a few things these days, that people try to tear me down about the very thing it took me ages to be content with/achieve. It’s crazy that people can judge you on who you are now and for it to be reasonable, without even knowing the backstory of how you got there!

I say all of this because the me 10 years ago would have DIED at the platform on these Alexander Mcqueen trainers and I’m sure young Melissa would have refused to wear them! But the Melissa now loves them so much and thinks that anyone who finds her or her height intimidating is stupid and they should look inwards at how their insecurities rise to the surface when interacting with others. It’s so easy to comment on what you don’t like about others rather than whats going on inside yourself!

Coat – ZARA Studio

Hoodie – H&M x Erdem

Trousers – ZARA

Trainers – Alexander Mcqueen


  • Yara Mel Rozaay

    Nice story! I also hated being skinny and yes it was rooted in boys preferring the curvier girls. It’s such a relief to be able to grow up and start accepting ourselves through what makes us unique. Back then all we wanted was to be like others *sigh*. Today I really enjoy being skin and bones haha

    Loving the look, the photos and this trainers are on my wishlist!


  • Volker Huetter

    Dear ml pls come in our dreams tonight. Goidnight!!