25th Apr 16

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Finger Lickin' Lobster?

Hey guys. Excuse the slowness in Melissa land. I just launched the website for my interior company and I’m so hyped! I’ve been putting all my time and energy into it so I’m glad it’s finally come to fruition. Have a look if you have some spare time

Anyway, Fisayo and I wondered off to Smack Deli lobster by chance. We originally wanted to dine at Dozo (I went there today, will have a review for you soon) but they were closed for lunch and we stumbled across Smack Deli on the corner of Old Compton street.

It has very chilled out vibe to it and a very simple menu. There are Lobster rolls and lobster salads but in different varieties and a lone wolf brisket sandwich. We both opted for the original lobster roll but personalised it with Japanese mayo (have you ever tried Japanese mayo before? and got two sides of sweet potato fries.

As soon as the food came I wish we opted for one size of fries. The portions are extremely generous and as it stands that I’m not the biggest lover of sweet potato fries (sometimes they taste like sticks of fried caramel) but these were more on the savoury side which I loved.

The rolls were AMAZING. Soft flavourful Lobster covered in the tastiest Japanese mayo hugged within a freshly warmed brioche bap topped with fresh chives. The perfect mix of sweet and savoury. I would have easily wolfed down two of the rolls and forgotten about the fries! The pear lemonade was refreshing and had a sweet taste but bitter twang. The perfect beverage to wash it all down with.

I would absolutely recommend Smack for a quick, filling lunch after shopping as it’s on a back road near piccadilly station (not too far from Zara which is great!). I have nothing bad to say at all as the service was lovely and the manager even took time to greet all the customers and ask them how their meal was. I love hands on staff!


I spent £17 and some change in total.