Patty & Bun

10th Mar 16

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A Moutful Of Savoury

Last night I went to grab a burger and catch up with my friend. I really don’t like putting Iphone images on the blog but I really wanted to put up a quick review. I have walked past Patty & Bun a few times and have heard a lot of people talk about it. There is always a long queue outside of it (it’s such a tiny restaurant) but I always told myself that one day I’d try it out. That one day was yesterday and if I’m honest, I really don’t understand the hype. The wait was said to be 30-45 minutes. I was happy to wait as I was catching up with my girl and we could use the time to talk about everything and anything.

The staff were nice and the decor seemed very… hipster inspired. Anyway, the menu was listed on a small sheet of paper and there wasn’t an awful lot to choose from. We both ordered the exact same thing, the only thing that gave our meals different identities were our drinks. We ordered two ‘Smokey Robinson’ burgers and two lots of chicken-skin-salt chips with chicken something (sorry too many chicken infused things) mayo.

For some reason, the waitress brought over rosemary chips and when we informed her that we in fact ordered the chicken salt chips she said ‘yeah well these must be them then’. Obviously they were not but I had no time to argue. You could definitely tell by even looking at them that they were the wrong chips.

The burger was made medium rare and had bacon, cheese BBQ sauce and mayo in it (myself and my friend dismissed the tomato) and was backed onto a Brioche bun. Everything was greasy and a little bit slimy ( I used no less that 7 tissues) and the chips were unjustifiably salty. We couldn’t even scrape the salt off the chips because we couldn’t actually identify any salt on the actual chips! All very bizarre. Honestly, if any meal has ever made me question my cholesterol it’s definitely this one. The food is most definitely not worth the wait at all as I’ve had better burgers and chips elsewhere. Also I would recommend that the staff be more attentive as guess work doesn’t really result in a good experience for customers.


The prices are okay – everything came up to about £31.


Conclusion – I won’t be going there again.