How Free Can You Be? #Ad

18th Oct 16


How Light & Free Can You Be?

This is an advertisement feature in collaboration with Danone Light* & Free

One thing that I’ve noticed about myself is that I am a fiend for structure. In my mind, if I plan my days accordingly then nothing can go wrong. I crave being able to micro-manage situations so they sway in my favour and only in that way. Due to this, my whole life seems to be following in somewhat of a military like routine. 

Wake up, shower, work, bed and as much as I work in a creative field, my life does feel very repetitive. I don’t feel like I’m someone who pushes my boundaries in order to try new things. 

Spontaneity is not something I warmly welcome because it’s not something that I can manipulate to have full control over. Not having control of things really scares me, it’s like having a fear of the unknown. I’m sure this can be said for a large proportional of us millennials who also succumb to similar methods of practice.

Jumpsuit – Micha Lounge

The reason why Danone was the perfect partner for this is because what I’m lacking in life is everything they encourage with their Light*&Free Yoghurt n regards to sponteanity. When working out, I nearly always do it on a schedule after work but I’ve come to realise that keeping fit is not something that is constrained to the four walls of a gym during a particular time frame, it’s also about being impulsive and active in a way that embodies you and your personality. It’s about having fun in a way that doesn’t always feel gruesome and feeling really good about yourself before, during and afterwards.

The last time I went rock climbing I was about 10 years old. I used to be part of the sea cadets and it was a team that I was proud be associated with. We spent the best part of our Wednesday evenings doing all kind of activities and rock climbing was the one I most thoroughly enjoyed. The feeling of achievement when touching the rock most adjacent to the ceiling was a feeling that I still very much remember so 15 years on, I thought I’d have another go!

My rock climbing session was during the afternoon so before I set off, I had a bowl of the Danone Blueberry flavoured Light*&Free Yoghurt with some fresh fruits which was a perfect mid afternoon choice!

I was a bit apprehensive getting to the rock climbing grounds because I knew that had to use both my mind and body strength to complete the task. It takes a synergy of agility, dedication and good decision making to reach the goal and I could’t decide if I was still good and doing all of those thing simultaneously.

I had a warm up session with my instructor starting with squats and lunges to get myself geared up from the climb which made me feel less anxious which was good. I think I very much underestimated how high the walls are and how difficult it is to get to the top! I really wanted to give up a few times and wave my white flag but I kept on thinking about the message that Danone portrays with their light and free message. I took from it that I was maybe being a little too hard on myself with my abilities and I should be more free with my pattern of thought as just go with it. 

Yoga Bralette – 213 Apparel

Yoga Leggings – 213- Apparel

Yoga Bralette – 213 Apparel

Yoga Leggings – 213- Apparel

After that it was a breeze!! I managed to climb up the wall at touch the highest rock. I really felt like I was on top of the world (it helped that I felt so high above the ground) and I honestly haven’t felt that gleeful in such a long time. I’m definitely going to stick with the Danone Light*&Free ethos and challenge myself to do more things that revitalises the fun spirit within!


  • Fisayo Longe

    I love the rock climbing photos! And their ethos resonates with me. What flavour is the best? I’m gonna try their yoghurt. Never had it before.

  • love the pics ans such a nice read xx

  • Elle

    that bowl of yoghurt and fruits look so delicious and i love the outfit too.

  • lavinya royes

    The yoghurt looks so yummy!!! Love your workout clothes too! Where did you do the rock climbing that looks so fun for sure! I think innately were all creatures of comfort but life is so much more rewarding if we can push the boundaries a little! Love the post. – x

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