Forest Restaurant on the Rooftop

4th Apr 16


All the way to the top.

Hey all!

My cousin and I visited the forest at the the roof top at Selfridges on Thursday for late lunch. I’ve seen so many people on instagram visit the restaurant but I had absolutely no idea how to get there. Turns out that theres a lift that takes you up there which makes sense since the escalators lead no where near.

You get to the top and you walk through this enchanted forest until you get to the actual dining area. It’s such a cute instagram worthy concept and the light that greets you from the actual restaurant is absolute bliss. The restaurant has huge openings (would call them windows but they weren’t actually made of glass) that allow you too see a good quarter of the London sky line.

The food was pricey (what else do you expect from Selfridges?) and the menu was written on one piece of cardboard hued paper. There wasn’t much to the menu. One pasta option, a few meat options. In my honest opinion the cocktails looked way more appetising than the food on the menu. I ordered the pasta that came with some sort of mince and my cousin ordered the chicken that was topped with grilled corn but sat under a bed of cous cous. We also ordered truffle fries and a side of mushrooms.

I’m not going to lie I didn’t enjoy my food at all. The pasta had no life. The mince was dry and the sauce was watery ( I couldn’t even finish it). The fries weren’t much to talk about but surprisingly, my cousin was chowing down on her food as if it was the last supper. I mean, she was really digging it. I would go back there for the drinks (Not coffee. That wasn’t popping either) on a sunny day but they won’t see me dining there again.


We spent about £74 on everything.


Also, I just have to commend my iphone 6 for these amazing photos. I left my camera at home and was a bit nervous if my phone would produce good content but it turns out that with the right light, you can get great images with the iphone!

  • This looks incredibly amazing, and for just that amount?! SHEESH!


    Aïchatou Bella

    • melswardrobe

      Thank you! I wish the taste was just a relative! haha xx

  • I also recently went to a restaurant in which every blogger who came to Marrakech had cute pics and the food looked delicious but after trying it I was very disappointed. The location and atmosphere can only take you so far!

    Agnes x


    • melswardrobe

      I know right! lol xx