New Year New Strategy

11th Jan 18


Nothing Will Change Unless You Do

Life evolves in such a constant way that I’m always grateful when things come back full circle and life welcomes a time to renew and reflect. Starting a new year is so symbolic for me because it nearly always feels like a fresh start. People will use their last breath to tell others that it shouldn’t take for a new year to evoke change in one’s life and even though there is some truth to this, there’s a certain feeling of renewed hope that is synonymous with the end of a set of 365 days. The feelings is unmatched. 2017 was hard for me in so many ways. I felt like life was throwing all kinds of curve balls at me. I was tested in ways that were unthinkable to me and instead of managing things I was dealing with them in the best ways that I could which wasn’t always the most efficient.

I felt like people were watching my life from behind a crystalized looking glass and everything looked so great and enviable but truth be told I wasn’t enjoying it. I spent the vast majority of the year feeling stressed, feeling like nothing that I did was ever enough for the people that I was doing it for and seeing others take on the same things in such a flawless way just made me feel as though I were failing. People were glamourizing my ‘grind’, deeming it inspirational but really I just wanted to tear free from the darkest cloud of stress that I’ve ever had the displeasure of being engulfed in. In a way, I’m very grateful. 2017 pushed me to bounds that I didn’t know I had, and it made me stronger than ever. It threw so many awful things at me that created new standards for myself which in the end, taught me a little bit more about who ‘Melissa’ is and what she stands for. It also taught me that I will never endure a year similar to the one I just had.

This year, things are going to be oh so different. I’m going to start living and enjoying more, something that I dramatically failed to do in 2017. Sometimes you have to really be thrown into the deep end of your ‘wants’ to really see that it’s not what God wants for you. My strategies have changed and my aims and objectives for my life have too. Ultimately, I’m going to revolve a lot of how I like my life around my happiness and my wellbeing. I’m working on being a pillar of positive energy because I see so much value in it. The year 2017 for me was orientated around sewing seeds, building foundations and experiencing an array of different situations, feelings, and emotions. I hope that all the groundwork and man-hours I put into last year flourish in the most beautiful way this year and I get to reap the benefits. Nothing will change unless the change starts in you!

I wish you all the happiest of new years!

Blazer – Zara

Trousers – Zara

Boots – Casadei

  • I appreciate this so post so much, as a young woman and fellow blogger the pressure we put on ourselves to be perfect and people thinking everything is so sweet, when we actually could use a genuine check in ourselves. Your always a great read and amazing visuals! keep it up Mel!


  • Shadsue