Doing Things Just To Do It

22nd Feb 17

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Is Your Busyness As Productive As You Think?

I feel like I need to explain my detest for fashion week this season. Firstly, I absolutely loved the opportunity I was given by Google. They set us up with a hotel and a bunch of surprises that really eased the growing pains of Fashion week. This was my first fashion week in 4 years so obviously I have a change of perspective and outlook on life than I did back then. When I used to go to fashion week, my reasons for attending were a bit aimless. I wanted to be photographed by street style photographers and see every single show but there was no real productive aim around it. There was no conscious effort to network on my part either (I was just as scared about networking then as I am now). I guess in a way, it was a great opportunity for me to give my brand that little bit of exposure but as always, what works in the past doesn’t always work for the present or future.

Now I feel like if I’m not gaining knowledge or experience, when I leave my house then I have wasted my time and that goes for everything in general, not just fashion week. This fashion week I felt like if I really wanted to go to the shows attending was no longer just to attend, but to meet people and create a stronger network of brands for my fashion styling clients. I didn’t want to just sit and watch the show because what comes from just watching outfits walk down the catwalk? How do I benefit from that? Yes, it’s inspiring, but if I wanted to see it that desperately, I could see it all on

I found that it was more productive going to the showrooms where I was actually able to meet the right people and explain to them who I am, what I do and who my clients are. After a while, Fashion week erupted my anxiety which was an intense situation for me so I had to give myself a break and realign my focus. I’m somebody who always creates a lesson out of adversity and it just made me realise the importance of productivity is and doing things for the right reasons.

Hopefully, next season I will be able to welcome more organisation and less anxiety which will hopefully aid me in still being able to do my regular jobs whilst attending fashion week which is hard but I don’t see any real reason why it’s not doable! Wishing you a very productive Tuesday, Friends!


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Bracelet – Celine

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  • Yara Mel

    I love this outfit, the photos and definitely the advice. We must have a purpose to do anything, otherwise is a somewhat waste of time. Xx