It feels so foreign to be uploading/writing for the blog. It’s crazy that it’s so easy to find yourself living and almost thriving without the one thing that got you to where you currently are. My blog has taken a back seat throughout the last couple of months because work has been absolutely manic for me.

My fashion styling clients have been multiplying (glory be to God) and I feel like I’m getting a firm grip as well as a consistent routine in that realm. My interior business is growing slowly but steadily (sometimes, baby steps are the best steps) and all in all, I’ve just been spending all of my time working and figuring out how to sustain my life whilst working for myself. With all these great things happening, I still felt a little void and I concluded that it was because I wasn’t blogging.

I became turned off of blogging because I felt as though blogging has always been a means to an end for me (my end being what I’m doing right now) so I kinda felt like no effort needed to be made with any of my social media channels/blog anymore since I have achieved my goal. But as time has gone by, I have felt a feeling of emptiness and felt as though I was abandoning something that I was once so passionate about. I also noticed that the reason for the abandonment was due to lack of time. People always claim that I’m a ‘super woman’ or someone who is ‘able to do it all’ but I’ve come to realise that no, I cannot do it all and in actual fact, no one can!

I spent time looking inwards and concluded that my business’ would flatline if I didn’t start delegating roles to other people so I’ve decided to do just that! Sometimes, you need to give roles to the people who are good at those roles so that they can support you in being an all round badass. I’m building a very very very small team but I think they’ll all be such a big help in ensuring that there is consistency as well as successes across the board within all of my businesses. I naively thought I could run my entire mini empire by myself but sometimes, it’s not such a bad thing to throw up your white flag and ask for help!

Blazer Dress – Zara

Shoes – Gianvtio Rossi

Earrings – Balenciaga

Bag- Gucci

  • You look stunning!!!!!

  • Manroop Thind

    This is a great post!! I have a question.. how did you build your client base up so quickly? I am finding that part to be the hardest for me.. it’s tough!x