26th Sep 16

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Starting from scratch.

Summer is practically over and when life spins back around to the quiet months of September/October it always reminds me of new beginnings. I think it stems down to the fact that for a huge part of my life, these were the months that education resumed and was dubbed ‘the new year’.

The warm feeling of crisp notebooks, new stationary and more importantly new uniform always felt like life had been renewed and it was time for a fresh start.

I’m going to wind back to this tradition and consciously start my own ‘new year’. I’ve had a look over my blog, instagram and my overall content and to be honest I find it quite underwhelming. My style is a bit stale (to me) and I know I could do so much better to make this blog a big hit!

So from today I’m going to upload all of my old blog posts that have been collecting dust in my drafts in order to make way for the new and improved Melissa’s Wardrobe content. New style, new perspectives and new and more refined content.

In life it’s not always about dwelling on the things that you dislike about yourself but actively making a change to improve them so that’s what I intend to do.

Total Outfit – Zara

Shoes – Christian Louboutin

Bag – Gucci

Bracelet – Celine