Photos by – Alain M Photography

Jumper – Zara

Dress – Zara

Boots – Christian Louboutin

Bracelet – Celine

Wow. The last day of 2016 and like always it’s a huge day of reflection. It’s been my rockiest year yet but I have to say that I absolutely thank God for all of the bad and the good that has happened to me. I’ve realised so much this year and really discovered myself and I feel like every trial has been a defining moment of my character and faith. I want to write down a few things that I’ve realised so that I can come back and refer to them whenever I need to. I hope these things resonate with you and make you realise stuff as well!

Just because you’ve been friends for ages doesn’t mean that loyalty is a a given. Longevity and loyalty are not synonymous.

Don’t be afraid to tell people how they’ve made you feel. If you don’t you’ll end up resenting them.

If you allow someone to disrespect you, you’d better be sure that they’ll do it again.  Make sure you stand your ground. Disrespect is not a mistake.

Loving yourself is not something that will happen overnight. Constantly words of affirmation are needed even on your good days. You’re worthy, you’re enough and you more than deserve it.

Be slow and plan change. I’m an Aquarius and sometimes wake up and decided I want to restructure my whole life, bedroom, instagram feed and blog content. Plan it through before you see it through.

You’re not defined by your mistakes and if you find that people are always assimilating you to them, drop those people out. Those people bring bad energy with them. If people keep on encasing you with your past mistakes, you won’t be able to grow with them around.

Don’t doubt your greatness. Your gifts are never a mistake and you’re more than capable. Just because you can’t do something now that you feel you’re meant to be able to do, doesn’t mean you’re never going to be able to conquer it.

Now isn’t always the right time. Wait it out.

It’s okay to fall and show the world your shit bits. You don’t know who you’ll inspire. Be bold about your story and own it.

Be faithful to God. All good things come when you seek his glory.

If you give someone the ability to control your happiness, you’ll never be happy.

Understand that all relationships need to have boundaries in order for them to flourish. 

Straying away from people who have been apart of most of your life is a sad thing but not necessarily a bad one. If the energy isn’t right, reroute and regroup. Do what’s best for you.

Don’t announce things prematurely, as soon as you put it out there people are waiting for the next part. If they don’t see it, they’ll be the first to discuss your failure. Take your time in mastering or completing things before you show the world.

If it doesn’t work out don’t be too hard on yourself. On the plus side, you’re not dead.

Follow your gut. If it doesn’t feel right don’t do it. Your gut is always right.

Just because you don’t know what you’re doing doesn’t mean you’re a dickhead and it’s the end of the world. Everything can be learned. If you don’t know how, find out.

Take time to rest. No good work comes from a tired body or mind. Rest when you need to.

Persistence isn’t annoying if it’s a tool to getting what you want. Be mechanical and strategic in the best ways when it comes to your success. I got one of my biggest clients by being persistent and I was kindly reminded by them that there are a thousand people doing what I’m doing but the reason why I got the job was because I was persistent.

If he loves you you’ll never doubt it. Men are never as confused as they claim to be. Anyone that leaves you confused is not the right one.

Never expect people to be as nice or have the same morals as you. We’ve all had different life experiences which means we’re rendered differently. Be mindful of this but never change your approach to others. Always be gracious.

And with that, I wish you the very best 2017. I’m so blessed to have you guys and I’m so overwhelmed and moved by your constant loyalty to me. Thank you so much for all of you support and I hope you all have an amazing New Years!!!