New Year Same Me

19th Jan 16


A Spin On The Most Hated Sayings

This random man just jumped into my photo but the image makes me feel so warm inside that I decided to upload it!

Hey all! First outfit post of 2016 *does the Harlem shake*. I’m sure you’re wondering why is this outfit so casual, a bit more casual than those that would usually grace this website. These days, I’m all about comfortability. Trainers are easy, jumpsuits are easy (well, until it’s time for a wee) and both work well in unison and take minimal effort to put together so this outfit is representative what I’ve been wearing back to back.
I always set myself new years resolutions because that’s what you’re supposed to do right? The new year is resemblant of rejuvenating ones self. Cutting out things that are hindering your mind, body and spirit. That’s why you see 1000 more people in the gym during the first few weeks of the new year because they’ve all promised themselves that they’d be fitter!
This year, although I do need to cut out sugar and probably could benefit from going to the gym, my resolutions aren’t following that sort of suit. My resolutions are orientated around things that are more of a gradual process and will continue on even throughout 2017. They’re also things that I should have started working on a gazillion years ago but hey, life is a continuous jog, not a race.
To the naked eye, I seem like the most confident girl going. My avatar like stature is quite bold, I have legs for days (I think I’m taller than the average man in London lol), I’m super loud and bubbly and generally I stand out from the crowd. All of these things represent someone who should be quite bold from attributes of their physical appearance alone but I’m not as confident as people think.
I find that even though I’ve built confidence in my appearance (I’ve come to make myself believe that I actually AM quite pretty! Yay me! haha) my confidence lacks in my work. I’ve noticed for a long time that I usually need that reassurance and or recognition from others to feel like what I’m doing is good enough. I feel that I use the opinions of others a lot to determine that value of my work.
I’ve spoken briefly before about not wanting my life to be based on the opinions of others but this has become a learned habit that has proven wrong several times and something that I vow to rid of this year.
Stop dwelling on my health
You know from my post earlier that I have been struggling with endometriosis for a long time now. In fact, its year anniversary has come to pass and my condition is some what better but is still affecting me. I’ve come to realise that this is something that I’m going to live with and more importantly I need to learn how to co-exist with it. Sometimes I get really down and let my health (or lack of) get the better of me but I find that ultimately it’s a big waste of time because once my tears have dried, my illness is still there.
Mentally I need to move on being sick. I find that sometimes sickness multiplies more in the mind so I’m going to take my focus off it and focus on all the good things that are happening to me.
Being more open
I like to thing that I’m a friendly and welcoming person but sometimes I don’t know if I’m the most approachable person. I plan on being as open minded as I possibly can and just put it out to the universe that I’m open for new things and new opportunities.
Being ready for the blessings that I’ve prayed for
Ever feel like you’ve been praying about the same thing for ages and God hasn’t delivered? I find a lot of us aren’t mentally or physically prepared for the blessings that we crave and we so desperately want. Like a new baby to a family, that has had nine months of preparing for a new life and countless man hours trying to push that baby into the world, if you want something and you’re expecting it’s arrival, you need to create space in your life for it. If you want something, you also need and prepare yourself on to know how to deal with it when it comes. A lot of blessings can turn into nightmares if you don’t prepare.
Relying on God
I said to a friend recently that sometimes I just feel too human and because of this my faith is diminishing. I’m so used to having to do everything for myself that instead of relying on God, I’m constantly trying to do things that I have no business of doing by myself. I can’t control everything but I can control how much I believe and trust in the Lord.
I plan on working on better my relationship with Christ and leaving the thing that I so badly want to control to him and going from there.
So that’s about it! Those are my resolutions for 2016. I have a lot of occupational goals but I don’t want to put them on here just in case I don’t attain them. We’re all self conscious and feel that our goals a precious so I would just rather keep my goals silent and share my victories.
Do you guys have any new years resolutions?

Jumpsuit – ASOS

Jacket – ASOS

Trainers – Air Forces

Bracelet – Celine

Bag – Givenchy

  • Lovely post! It really spoke to me because I am going through some similar things to what you’ve mentioned like ill health and a lack of confidence in my work as well as being a control freak and as a result not putting my trust in God! It’s so refreshing to know that it’s not just me who’s struggling with these things and encourages me to keep going because if you can be positive about your situations so can I. I have been reading your blog for years but this is the first time I’m actually leaving a comment and I just want to say thanks for posting this, you’ve made my day xx

    • melswardrobe

      Aww thank you so much for your comment, Natasha. I really feel like people need to speak out more about these things so that others don’t feel so alone! We’re all on this journey together!! Thank you SO much for supporting me all this while and for leaving a comment and sorry it’s taken me so long to reply! xx