Means To An End

17th Mar 16


Some things are only for the ride.

A couple of days ago I hosted a panel a long with a few other ladies who are doing amazing things in Fashion. I was a bit apprehensive and not only that, a few times during the evening my nerves got the better of me but I’m glad that I was able to persevere and give the audience a few tips and tricks and an overall illustration of what it is that I do.


I mentioned to them a few times that I saw blogging as a means to my end goal and it’s not something that I plan to do in such a longitudinal form compared to my counterparts in the blogging field. Initially, blogging for me was more of a hobby which turned into something more expressive and then turned into somewhat of a career. It’s  really been a great journey but for me, this was only ever going to be something that was a part of my journey and not my destination. I believe that with everything you do it life, you should take all the nutritional values that it has to offer and use that to build something more valuable and less tangible in your eyes. Something that will give you gratification like no other and something that you maybe have build yourself. I understand that not everyone has a desire or even wants to start their own business but the feeling of making something from the ground up is so rewarding.


Dissecting that analogy when applying it to my real life means using the contacts and skills I’ve made from blogging as an aid to help me complete the tasks at and on the journey to my final destination. I’ve mentally and spiritually confirmed that I want to pursue a career in interior decor/design (something that I’m actively doing) and it’s been placed on my heart to continue with fashion styling too – these are things that I once thought I couldn’t do but have been given the opportunity to do so right of the back of me being ‘who I am’ .

It’s only now after so many years that I’m starting to understand how gratifying blogging has been for me and it’s molded me as a person and as a business person. I’m not going to say that I’m going to stop blogging any time soon – that’s a no. I definitely will use this platform as a vessel to continue to inspire you guys. I also think it’s a great virtual diary for myself that’s helping me to document the highs and lows of my life and a gentle reminder of the things that I’ve accomplished that I so often downplay.


So all of you stuck in dead end jobs and feeling helpless. All of you in uni not knowing what you’re doing. Make the best of your situations. Find a way to multiply your happiness and to learn life skills and attributes that will help you attain and be ready for your end goals. If you begin to realise that the things you are doing now are a means to your end goal, it will be easier for you to focus and peserve through because you know it’s only temporary. Watch this short video that I retweeted to help illustrate the notion of ‘the means to and end’ and see how you can apply it to your own life.




Ex Waitrose cashier (haha, yep I’ve been there too!)

Jacket – ASOS

Shirt – Yeezy

Bra – ASOS

Jeans – Topshop

Choker – ASOS

Bracelet – Celine

Shoes – HouseOfCB

Bag – Chanel