Man Down. Zipper Down.

28th Jul 16

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I'm Pissed Awf Mayn!

Jacket – ASOS

Dress – Motel

Boots – Yeezy Season 2

Guys, I need to apologise for the lack of images in this post. I’ve had the worst luck with shooting outfit photos of late. EVERY-SINGLE-TIME that I’ve made my way to the location to shoot, my battery has been close to dead so I’ve had to make do.

This time, the reason I ran out of battery was because I spent all day ‘vlogging’ the renovation of my newly acclaimed office! I’ve decided to turn one of the spare rooms in my house into an office because my assistant and I have completely taken over my living room, and my living room was designed for prosecco and nibbles NOT invoices, sticky notes and tax receipts.

I think I’ll try and get back into Youtube again because as much as I used to cry when it was time to edit and upload, I did somewhat enjoy it. Let’s see how it goes! P.S Still very much in love with my Yeezy’s from farfetch! I just need THESE and THESE now!