A Long Time Coming

10th Aug 15

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I've been Ebay stalking and the outcomes? Well, they make me jublious.

The Balenciaga blade booties have been on my hit list ever since I saw them on my (imaginary) home girl Christine Centenera. I get that they’re not your average pair of booties. I very much doubt that they’ll adaptably go with every outfit especially not the tight club-attending attire that one may or may not bounce ones ass in whilst dancing to fetty wap (ayyyeeeeeee). But, having said that, when you already have an extensive collection of shoes like I do, it’s okay to venture out to the ugly pretty accessories of this world. These boots are from 2011 and I had been zealously stalking innocent Ebayers and forcing them to come to an ‘agreement’ (on my terms) most of which did not work in my favour. Finally, after years of stalking I’ve grabbed my hands on a pair that are nearly my size. NOT TO WORRY, I plan on using a little lotion and bearing a painful smile whilst wearing these maybe-a-little-too-tight booties but, I guess we all have to make sacrifices. Right?
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