6th Oct 17


Unbelievable Interior and Everyday Finds at Irresitable Prices.

I believe in reimagining your home whenever you feel a shift or change in your life. We as humans don’t realise how much our environment can affect our mindset and we do not do enough to ensure that both are on the same page. My home is my happy place but my happiness only started once I walked through my bleak corridor and into my fully furnished living room.

I hated how my corridor amounted to a cluster of dirty trainers accompanied by a tumbleweed looking ball of my house phone and broadband wires. Every time I walked past my dreary corridor, I promised myself that I would generate a large budget to ensure that I could create a glamorous entryway but I just never got around to it. Once I deducted all of my not so fun responsibilities from my income, there wasn’t much left to create a budget with but that’s where Homesense came in.

Homesense is hands down one of my favourite interior stores for finding unique pieces for my home as well as the interior projects I get contracted for. For those that don’t know, Homesense is a part of the TK Maxx family and has the best discounts to suit all your homeware needs!


Homesense has a large array of vases, rugs, armchairs, candles and any other decorative sentiment that you can think of that will give your home a well-curated feel.

My main thing when decorating either my home or my clients, is that I like to find key pieces that suit the personality of each client. Homesense combines amazing items with the price that suits your pocket, enabling you to design the house of your dreams with the best budget in mind.

I have listed the prices of my items purchased below.

Don’t forget to have a look at my newly decorated corridor!

Console – £299.99 Homesense

Lamps – £59.99 each Homesense

Mirror – £49.99 Homesense

Picture frames on wall – £35.99 each Homesense

Candle – £12.99 Homesense

Large picture frame – £12.99 Homesense

Small picture frame – £14.99 Homesense

Coffee Table book – £35.99 Homesense

Decorative Dish – £24.99

  • A T

    Love it. Well done Mel.

  • Tolu

    Love your interior decorating style!! These pictures have given me lots of inspiration for my house 😀
    *pins to Pinterest*

  • MlleHarmonie

    BEAUTIFULLLLL!!!! i need this setup in my appartment!