Orange Elephant Steak House

20th Apr 16


The Creamiest Mac N Cheese You've Ever Had!

Hey all. I visited the Orange Elephant restaurant in Fulham yesterday evening. I really didn’t have any preconceptions of the restaurant, I knew that it was a steak house and for someone who isn’t the biggest fan of steak, I was open to being won over. I was greeted by one of the restaurants owners, Jai and welcomed by beautiful interiors (you know that’s all I care for these days). The restaurant has sultry decor and lighting. The walls are painted a warming hue of grey and there a is direct view of the Chef’s kitchen which is quite comforting for nosey people like myself. There’s no food menu but there’s a drinks and desert menu. The cocktails were very creative and were dubbed with quirky cool names and captions such a ‘made in Cuba’ and ‘New York cheesecake’.

When I was speaking to Jai, you could tell that he genuinely had so much passion for the food and drinks that they were serving, explaining everything so intricately. It was really good to hear the stories behind the concept of the restaurant and the food being served. I ordered a Porn Star Martini (my all time favourite cocktail) and it was the smoothest one I’ve ever had in all of my Porn Star Martini drinking years. My first thought was that if I wasn’t careful I’d be on the floor because I’m sure the liquor in the cocktail was a silent killer! My friend Laurren, from Farfetch, ordered the made in Cuba and it was a really fresh cocktail infused with basil and soda. It tasted a bit like a homemade fresh lemonade laced with alcohol. Again if you’re not careful, one too many of these will have you kissing the ground.

Jai ran though the menu quite quickly because there isn’t much to it at all. The simple menu consists of a starter of rocket salad dressed with balsamic vinegar. For the main there was the option of having an individual steak or having the Tomhawke steak (the massive steak on the bone that’s pictured above) that is usually made to share. The steak is made to taste and comes with a side of either triple cooked chips, mac ‘n’ cheese’, trees ‘n’ cheese (how cool is the name?), kale and other sides. The set meal comes up to an accommodating £20 which is great if you’re wanting to dine like a king on a budget.

The starter was very fresh and had a mix of sweet (balsamic vinegar) and savoury (cheese) flavours. I really enjoyed it for someone who doesn’t like healthy food. I had my steak cooked medium rare and it was accompanied with the triple cooked chips, steak sauce and a side of Mac ‘n’ cheese. When I cut into the steak I just knew that it was going to be amazing because I could see how tender and juicy it was. I think the main reason why I disliked steak was because I’ve had too many dry ones that are comparable to an overused pavement in London.

The steak was divine and almost melted in the mouth, the flavours were gorgeous and the sauce that came with it only complimented it even more which I didn’t even think was possible! The chips were cooked to perfection and weren’t overly salty (you guys know thats my pet peeve). But lets talk about the Mac ‘n’ Cheese! Props to a Chef that can make a Mac ‘n’ Cheese that has the correct ratio of pasta/sauce. The Mac ‘n’ Cheese was so creamy and gooey in all the right ways. It was topped with the right amount of crusty bread crumbs to give some much needed crunch. I would go back to Orange Elephant for this dish alone. Someone needs to give them an award!

The desert was good but by the time I got to it I was stuffed and I couldn’t really appreciate it for what it was. I ordered the chocolate fondant and had it with the brandy and butterscotch ice cream. It was good, but again I wished I hadn’t over eaten prior so I could appreciate it for what it was. Orange Elephant is a great place to dine, great cocktails, great vibe and great if you’re on a budget. It’s a short ride away from Fulham Broadway station – such a good location. I would suggest it for a date or a birthday dinner.


Thank you so much Jai for inviting me to come round and make sure to tag me if you guys ever go and visit!

  • Steak, cocktails and chocolate fondants is like my favorite meal option so I am definitely stopping by there when in the UK. Would love the exact address for us none UK natives

    Agnes x


    • melswardrobe

      Hey love! The address is 351 Fulham Rd, London SW10 9TW will start putting the addresses into the posts xx

  • DippyWrites

    The Mac and Cheese sounds heavenly! I’ll have to go to Orange Elephant soon

    • melswardrobe

      It was amazing! Def have a try xx

  • Which I wasn’t in the USA because your food posts give me life.


    Aïchatou Bella

    • melswardrobe

      Ahh I’m sure you guys have amazing restaurants over there too! I need to do a restaurant tour in the states haha xx