22nd Jan 16

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An Interactive Experience

I had the pleasure of being invited to visit the restaurant Inamo in Covent garden. I was really looking forward to it as I had previously heard about their infamous interactive tables. I’m a huge fan of Pan Asian cuisine so I was really excited to be tantalised with what Inamo had to offer. My dining partner of choice was my best friend Roberta. She’s not the biggest fan of this cusine so I was excited to have her on board to see if she could be won over. We were greeted and given a complimentary refreshing glass of prossecco. I would say it was more of a prossecco cocktail as it had a citrus-y twang to it. We spent a few minutes with the waitress who showed us how to use the tablet and the interactive table. She also showed us that there is an option to turn on the ‘chef cam’ to watch the chefs cooking our meals which I thought was a great feature for nosy people like myself.
It seemed relatively easy to sort through the menu and order food. There was also the option to call the waiter if anymore assistance is required. We ordered a generous amount of sides/starters and two mains but decided that we were to share the whole lot. The food came promptly which I was extremely happy about because I was so hungry! Not only that, I’m a girl who likes to instagram food pictures so to have all my food come together is a huge plus! We started off with the ribs and the coconut Korean chicken wings.
I really liked that the coconut gave the chicken wings a fresh twist and it really complimented the flavourful sweet and sticky marinade that it was cooked in. I’m also a huge fan of ribs so I was very excited to try Inamo’s take on them. I absolutely love the marinade on the ribs but I found that they didn’t fall off the bone as I would usually expect so it made it quite hard to eat.
The prawns were cooked in a fluffy batter which tasted like it was infused with chili and lemon.  I was really taken back with how fresh the battered prawns tasted and was very impressed as I’ve definitely had some bad experiences with similar dishes in other restaurants in the past. I could have easily wolfed down about 3 of the battered prawn starters as they were so delicious!
The wagyu beef mini burgers were cooked to absolute perfection. They were tender, juicy and rich in flavour. We opted out of the wasabi fries and ordered a side of normal fries which were given to us with no problem. The side of rice was fluffy and cooked through and complimented the lamb that I had ordered. The lamb had a bit of a cheesy twang to it that I wasn’t expecting. I actually took me by surprise but was still delicious and tasted good with the rice.
The customer service was impeccable and the staff were on demand and always happy to help as if nothing were too much to ask. They were very friendly and approachable which is something I always look out for when dining.
Initially, I was a bit worried about having to remember how to use the interactive system because my hunger was all I could think about at that moment in time but it is literally so fool proof that ever a 5 year old could order for you. It’s also so fun and a very original concept of having an interactive table to play games on whilst you wait! In the end Roberta and I became very competitive but it was all part of the good fun! I think Inamo would be a great venue for a date because of how interactive it is. It’s also a good place to consider if you’re going out with a group of friends as the food is filling and each dish is definitely a conversation starter. Our meal came up to around £60-£70 and we had a fair few dishes.
Thank you Inamo for having me and thank you Audrey and the team for all of your help!