Stolen But Not Lost

13th Feb 17


Bringing Things Back To Basics

So my handbag was stolen. If you follow me on every social media platform, this news won’t have any feeling of newness. The reason why this remains a talking point for me is because up until now, it’s continues to teach me so much about myself and life in general. It happened so quickly that it left me confused but most importantly extremely vulnerable. It brought me back to a point of confusion and frustration that I’ve met before (we’ll revisit this in another post), except it was dressed up in a different scenario.


In a way, I’ll never be able to shrug the feeling of vulnerability away. The feeling of stupidity, the thoughts of what ifs and ‘you know better than to have done that’. You see, I left my bag in a friends car because we all deemed it safe. The fact that it was stolen mentally woke me up and actually somewhat presented itself as an analogy to me. In life, when you’re too comfortable, complacency creeps in and you lose your sharpness which is where mistakes are able to breed and multiply.


When you’re off your guard, things that you can’t even wrap your head around can be birthed and in the end you’re left feeling hopeless. I used to be intrinsically attached to my material goods. I mean, I deserved to be. I didn’t save before making these purchases or in general; so all of my material goods were investments to me. Not only that, it made me feel good that I had items from brands that many couldn’t afford (how immature). Stupidly it somewhat made me feel superior. But, life continues to teach me lessons that change me for the better as a person. A lot in fact. I now put my value in people, experiences and time. I put it in health, opportunity and love. I put my value in the integrity, respect and the loyalty I receive from others because I’ve learnt that all the money in the world cannot buy neither can it replace these things.


Had my bag been stolen this time last year, my world would have fallen apart. I mean, yeah, it kinda has already but God, my family and my own strength has aided me in putting it back together. I need my laptop to work, my business phone to… you know the rest and when they were taken away from me I felt so still. You see, when life has dealt with you already, you’re almost certain of how things will pan out and  know what comes next. So due to the experiences of ‘bad things’ that have happened to me prior I feel like I have somewhat adopted a form of stillness because I’m almost certain that things will work out for the better. It doesn’t mean that I don’t feel, it just means I know that there’s more to come and losing my things isn’t the end of the world.


So with that being said, I’m not wallowing in self pity or pointing fingers. I’m moving on and I can almost guarantee that God and the universe will repay me in some way.

Photos – Joshua Allen

Jacket – ZARA

Trousers – AQAQ

Trainers – ZARA

Earrings – Balenciaga

Bracelet – Celine