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26th Nov 15

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Back to interiors! The one thing that I have been buzzing about recently. A lot has changed since we last spoke in this regard. I’ve had the living room painted, the spot lights and pendant lights fitted and the sofas delivered! The living room isn’t doing much ‘living’ at the minute as it needs to be given interior life. My whole plan for the room hasn’t been entirely executed just yet as I’ve been shopping around for the necessary pieces.

I came across the brand LuxDeco as soon as the company began to work along side with Net-A-Porter. Net-A-Porter is one of my favourite luxury brands so I knew I would fall in love with LuxDeco straight away. I was so amazed by the edit of artciles they have listed away on their stylish webite. For me, I find that interior pieces really have to be searched for in London and LuxDeco seems like the place to go to get that art-deco luxury vibe.

Although my living room isn’t finished yet, I had plans for it to represent all of us who live in the home. You guys know that I’m a very proud African, one of Ghanaian decent and I wanted to have pieces in my home that represented my motherland but in a mordern way.

When I came across LuxDeco, it’s almost as if they had my interior vision in mind when sourcing their products and I felt so happy to see that such pieces exist and would help bring my vision to fruition. This is my first interior project and it means so much to me because as you all know it’s something that I want to pursue career wise and I want to complete it to it’s full effect to prove to myself that I can do it. I doubt myself a lot so completing this project to its full potential will be a self esteem booster for me.

I’ve entered a competition to win £5000 to spend on the LuxDeco website and if I win, here are some of the items I would consider purchasing below.

I will continue to keep you guys updated on this project and I have filmed all of it so far and will upload it to Yotube when it’s done!